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Orkneycrofts.com - Towels and bed linen always included!

Our Mission is to create unique, stunning and individual living spaces for visitors to Orkney that actively enhance the overall experience of being here. Orkney is a fascinating  and beautiful place and we intend that our Crofts will in part positively contribute to this extraordinary experience.

All properties described and Orkneycrofts.com are owned or managed by Simon Treasure.

For more information about Simon you can visit his facebook page or his personal website.

The Orkneycrofts website is divided into two main sections. The primary goal is to describe the self-catering accommodation that we have available, the Byre at Heddle, Turriedale, The Bu and East Heddle.

The second intention is to provide a range of comprehensive and personally observed information useful to any visitor to Orkney. Please contact us for any further information you might want.

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Additional photos of Orkney have been sourced over the years from a variety of sources including John Wishart. If any are unattributed or incorrect please contact me directly to ensure acknowledgements are edited.

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We hope you enjoy the site.