Folking Greats - May 21-24 2009

 How do you follow the 2008 performances by the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra? Simple - Bagpipes.  The House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band; a Grade 1, world class pipe band are coming to Orkney for a major concert at the Pickaquoy Centre, with mass parades through Stromness on the Saturday morning to wake you all up!

Further headliners include the masters of Shetland Fiddlery, Fiddlers Bid, backed up by the junior all stars, the Shetland Sessions, and some late night Shetland stompers, Fullsceilidh Spellemannslag. Ireland is well represented by top new trad band Beoga, Niall Vallely's concertina led trio Buille, and the best voice in Ireland, Karan Casey. Local acts include award winning Orcadians, The Chair and Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller, plus the best of what's going on across the Firth these days.

As if being at Orkney Folk Festival isn't an education itself, there will be one or two things for the kids, including the amazing Kidsamonium featuring 'trumpeting chickens' and kazoos aplenty.