"MV Pentalina"

A new catamaran ferry built for the route between Caithness and Orkney reached the isles Tuesday 9th December.


The ferry, constructed for Pentland Ferries, and called the “Pentalina,” was built in the Philippines.

On its journey from the Pacific, the ship’s crew took security precautions as it passed through waters that have seen increased pirate activity recently.

Previously the departure of the Pentalina for Scotland was delayed, waiting the arrival of additional equipment. Its crew is reporting that the catamaran has been operating well.

The new ferry will replace an older ship that had been servicing the route between Caithness and Orkney.

The Pentalina has a capacity of 350 passengers, 32-58 cars and nine lorries. It will take 45min to make the crossing between Gills Bay, Caithness and St Margaret’s Hope, Orkney.

Pentland Ferries