Facilities and Service

The creation of the three Crofts that comprise Orkneycrofts.com was a considerable task, begun in 2005 and completed in 2009.

The Byre at Heddle was completed first, available in 2008. The Byre was confirmed at a Five Star grading by the STB in the Summer of 2008.

Turriedale was thoroughly refurbished and upgraded to similar standing in the autumn of 2008. Turriedale was graded as 4 star by the STB in the spring of 2009.

East Heddle is the keystone, major work, and flagship of Orkneycrofts and became available in the Summer of 2009. East Heddle graded as 5 star by the STB in August 2009.

Our intention is to exceed your expectations at every turn if at all possible. After years of experience we have honed down the welcome pack to a bottle of good wine. There is the option for a stocked fridge available to you at an additional cost of £50.00. This option will include as an example the following local foods, or similar alternatives, supplied to you at our cost.

Milk ♦ Butter ♦ Six Local Eggs ♦ Orkney Smoked Salmon ♦ Dressed local Crabmeat ♦ Oatcakes ♦ Local Lamb or Pork ♦ Local Beef (2 Steaks) * Sausages * Bacon

If you are vegetarian or have any specific needs then call us in advance of your arrival to discuss your requirements.

Alternatives to the above always subject to availability.

All bedding (Siberian Goosedown Duvets, Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases) bath towels and sheets are provided. Other services include;

  • Sony Bravia LCD HDTV (Freesat) + DVD player (The Byre)
  • Panasonic Veira LCD HDTV + Freesat (East Heddle and Turriedale)
  • All the crofts have Wireless Broadband.
  • Panasonic Home Cinema systems (East Heddle and Turriedale)
  •  MP3 Ipod docking station so you can bring your own music. (All)
  • An extensive library of books and local maps.