Dogs and Children and Smoking


We are Dog people. For a variety of reasons our general policy is well behaved and well disposed dogs only. We don't like ruffians or furniture eaters. If they eat it you own it. We have some simple guidelines which we ask dog guests to follow, all are as you would expect and supplied on arrival.

East Heddle takes dogs happily, and so can Turriedale but make sure nails are clipped. The Byre at Heddle is only suitable for small dogs; it is too small a space for a Wolfhound. The BU is not really for dogs, unless you can persuade me otherwise ( I usually say yes) as it is too close to my own hounds to be fair to everyone.

Exceptions of course for guide dogs.



Infants are welcome everywhere, and a wooden cot with bedding is available but a High Chair is not available.

The Byre at Heddle is not suitable for Children; it is too small.

Turriedale is suitable for children, all ages.

East Heddle is best suited for families with kids above Toddling but any age is acceptable. I suggest you call me if you have a very young family (all under 5's) because the East Heddle floor is flagstoned throughout.



All the Crofts are non-smoking accommodation. Please respect this policy. Tis the modern way.