It is a live, breathing, spiritual practice and art form, inspired from nature and our own need for growth and compassion. It is just as relevant now as it always has been.

Yoga originally focused on applying and understanding the world. Its focus later changed to the self. Self-enlightenment became the ultimate goal. It was not until the sixth century B.C. that the poses and meditation became a critical element. They were implemented by Buddhist teachings. Modern yoga is based on five basic principles that were created by Swami Sivananda.

  • Proper relaxation
  • Proper exercise
  • Proper breathing
  • Proper diet
  • Positive thinking and meditation

Hatha yoga (which is the yoga mostly practised in the west), means sun and moon and helps to harmonize and integrate these two polar energies within ourselves to create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and unity. In yogic philosophy the body is regarded as the vehicle of the soul and gateway to the inner temple of the divine. It recognizes the body and bodily existence as a wonderful instrument through which the expansion of awareness and freedom of energy can be realized and united.


Yoga postures (asanas) have evolved over many centuries and apart from cultivating physical beauty (kanti) due to enhanced pranic flow (life energy) through the body, asanas help to clear the mind to restore mental and physical health, vitality and well being.

Eventually perhaps we will be able to help our visitors on their full journey to complete personal goals, for the time being we hope to bring you a little closer to your own center and allow you to recharge your core with the positive energies of Orkney and Heddle.

Further Reading on Yoga

B.K.S. Iyengar – Light on Yoga
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Christopher Isherwood and Swami Prabhavananda - How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali