Exquisite, traditional, luxury 5 star self-catering in the heart of Orkney

Welcome to Orkney Crofts

Welcome to the Season of 2023

The world turned at the end of February 2020 and since then it has become a pretty strange place for all of us. We are supposedly in a post Covid scenario but that certainly isn't true if you are in China. We seem to be mirroring 40 years past, with double digit inflation, militant unions and a vicious Russian war to the east, all weakening the countries infrastructure and causing a cost of living crisis. The personal price for many of us had been far more than a rather unusual viral infection. I am no different and it has been a struggle at times to keep positive. 

We are here though, complying with the protocols for cleaning between visits so there may be some additional delay in your entry on Saturdays. All laundry and towels are recycled on a two week rota, so every set will have a minimum ten days between use. If you still want to bring your own bedding that's fine as well.

Some significant changes to pre-2020 have been made. Mainly due to my poor health and the financial implications caused by the original lockdown added to a serious spinal injury I had late in 2021 (that led to a major back operation and two months bed rest) I have been forced to close The Byre and The Bu permanently.

TURRIEDALE remains fully available for 2023. We very much look forward to welcoming you here as previous Orkneycrofts guests or as new customers in 2023. Costs have risen this year for the second time in 15 years which is unavoidable given the pressures of energy bills and the ludicrous overblown licensing legislation enforced on the Scottish self catering industry by Holyrood. We have kept the inevitable price increase to the minimum possible. Dogs are welcome.

Now, getting back to the normal promotional text;

Orkney is a very beautiful place. Our vision has always been to create an environment which is just as beautiful, so when you return from a great day out you can relax to the uppermost . 

bestork29.jpgTurriedale, (Sleeps 4), offers classic farmhouse familiarity and good country taste. If you are looking for beautiful and authentic self-catering accommodation, and if you want to combine this beauty with the great convenience offered by the most accessible central location in the West Mainland of Orkney, then you have found what you are looking for.

The croft is furnished with restored period local furniture and antiques. Work by both local and and Scottish artists and ceramics decorate the walls and surfaces. Turriedale is a genuine homes, far more than just a convenient base for your Orkney Holiday.  

If you are interested in finding out more please call (07979 125842) me or email whenever you like. 

We are also very pleased to have been Gold Award winners for environmental management as members of Green Tourism (GTBS) from 2009-19. We continue to maintain those environmental standards. This website has three sections. The main purpose being to describe Turriedale. 

The second section, WhyOrkney is a comprehensive visitor information guide intended to help you make specific decisions about your visit to Orkney and hopefully provide useful and detailed information for all Orkney visitors.

The third section, About us provides you with more detailed and specific information about our business, the small print if you like. If you decide to proceed or have questions not answered elsewhere then please look at this section. 

We always try and meet our visitors requests so if you want to ask any questions not answered  here then do not hesitate to get in touch directly if you need more feedback.  We almost always answer all e-mails the same day.

Orkneycrofts is also available through  Facebook and Twitter.  We have nearly 1450 FB followers and growing so please visit us here for many more current Photo albums, behind the scenes information, news and sometimes even Competitions and special offers !

This website is about to be re-launched with a more contemporary and up to date design so don't be surprised if it look quite different very soon.

And finally, DOGS are Welcome, though some simple restrictions apply for practical purposes.