The Hall of Heddle

Heddle is one mile South of Finstown which is the epicentre of the West Mainland. Heddle itself is as close to the centre of Mainland Orkney as it is possible to get. This makes our location simply the best and most convenient place to discover Orkney.


Orkneycrofts is mainly located within the gardens and wildlife sanctuary around our house, the Hall of Heddle. The Byre and East Heddle are set within these 11 acres of  gardens and wildlife reserve .

Turriedale is about 400 yards to the North East, the Byre at Heddle is formerly a farm outbuilding of the Hall which was rebuilt as a dwelling in 2006/7.  East Heddle is the adjacent restored farmstead, completed in the Summer of 2009; it is our flagship building and we are very proud of it.

We overlook and are within the WHS ZVI (Unesco World Heritage Site Zone of Visual Influence) of the Unesco World Heritage Sites including:


which are all less than a 5 minutes drive from Heddle. The Neolithic village of Skara Brae is 25 minutes from Heddle.

Our unbeatable location provides easy access to:

  • All major external and internal transport links (allbar1 15 mins)
  • All main Island Shopping Centres (15 mins)
  • Many additional key archaeological sites
  • Six RSPB reserves (15 mins)
  • Many areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Dozens of local, national, and international Sites of Special Scientific Interest

The first twenty of these images are all taken from the garden or grounds, the last eight from the immediate vicinity around Heddle.



 Six major RSPB reserves are less than 20 minutes drive from Heddle. We believe, if somewhat modestly, that nowhere in the entire United Kingdom has such a unique combination of natural and cultural landmarks of International distinction in such juxtaposition and concentration.

Very few locations, even within Orkney, can offer this level of convenience to important sites combined with such close proximity to all major services and facilities.

Remarkably, this is all possible with very little compromise to the peace, beauty and tranquility that define Orkney in general and Heddle in particular.