Why Orkney

This section of the site is a comprehensive digest of articles covering a range of topics intended to be useful for those who Visit Orkney. We have tried to make the information both useful and interesting, we believe you will not find more relevant content about Orkney anywhere on the Web.

Orkney is justly world-famous for its monumental Neolithic and Iron age archaeology.

It is equally famous and important as a habitat for birds and wildlife, with 19 highest level European Special Protection Areas or Special Areas of Conservation and one RAMSAR (International Wetlands) designation, set within around 750,000 acres of actively managed land as wildlife reserves.

The people are renowned as warm and friendly and the food available is some of the best in Scotland. The exceptional quality of our accommodation is intended to reflect this character.

The quality of light and brightness of the air is a joy to behold, capable of providing some of the greatest natural beauty that this country has to offer.

Although not entirely immune from the pressures of modern living, we can offer an extraordinary range of extraordinary places for you to visit. Here are just a few of them.