Heddle Birds

For the last eight or nine years the land and gardens at Heddle (around 11 acres) have been slowly turned into a bird and wildlife sanctuary.

Some of this work is long term habitat creation through native tree and shrub plantations and also wetland development. Some is more immediate through the management of feeding stations and siting a range of nesting boxes. Further plans include creation of extensive lochans to attract ducks and sowing winter bird crops.

The effects of this work are beginning to show. This year past year we have logged the following 45 or so visitors.

Blackbird ♦ Black Headed Gull ♦ Black Backed Gull ♦ Brambling ♦ Brent Goose ♦ Chaffinch ♦ Common Gull ♦ Collared Dove ♦ Curlew ♦ Fieldfare ♦ Greenfinch ♦ Grey Heron ♦ Greylag Goose ♦ Hen Harrier ♦ Herring Gull ♦ House Sparrow ♦ Hooded Crow ♦ Jack Snipe ♦ Kestral ♦ Lapwing ♦ Mallard ♦ Meadowpipit ♦ Merlin ♦ OysterCatcher ♦ Phesant ♦ Pied Wagtail ♦ Raven ♦ Reed Bunting ♦ Redwing ♦ Rook ♦ Robin ♦ Short eared Owl ♦ Songthrush ♦ Sparrow ♦ Sparrow Hawk ♦ Snipe ♦ Starling ♦ Stock Dove ♦ Swallow ♦ Twite ♦ Wheatear ♦ Woodcock ♦ Woodpigeon ♦ Wren

Of course some are more regular than others and differing times of year will have very differant species profiles. Some are simply passing through and others over winter, breed and feed here. You are very welcome to add your sitings to this species list which we hope and expect to continue to grow for some time into the future.