Major Attractions



Stromness is today a bustling and charming town. It retains its remarkable main street in which pedestrians have to dodge cars, and cars one another. And there are few places that so amply reward exploration.

The narrow passages and roads and the private wharves on the shore side are fascinating, as is the network of steep streets and paths lead up the hillside. Stomness is...

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Italian Chapel

The chapel that stands on the small island of Lamb Holm is a profound testament to the good that can be found in man even in the depths of War. Handbuilt around a disused Nissan hut out of junk by Italian Prisoners of War during the construction of the Churchill Barriers the Chapel remains the top visitor attraction in Orkney.

Perhaps, though, the last words of the story should go to Signor Chiocchetti, the principal artist who returned for repairs early in the 1960's. Before he left for home after completing the repairs, he wrote an open letter to the people of Orkney where he told them:

"the chapel is yours - for you to love and preserve. I take with me to Italy the remembrance of your kindness and wonderful hospitality. I shall remember you always, and my children shall learn from me to love you. I thank (you)....for having given me the joy of seeing again little chapel of Lamb Holm where I, in leaving, leave a part of my heart."


St Magnus Cathedral

The building of St Magnus Cathedral was started in in 1137 by the Norse Earl Rognvald. He had been granted half of the Earldom of Orkney by the King of Norway and came to Orkney with the express intention of reclaiming rights lost by his uncle, Earl Magnus of Orkney and to build a church of stone to celebrate his uncle's Sainthood.

St Magnus is the most Northerly Cathedral in the UK, and one of the most beautiful.....

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