Boots and Bog Myrtle

Boots PLC has plans to launch a range of products using essential oil extracted from bog myrtle as one of the main ingredients. However, to achieve this aim, there needs to be a ready supply of bog myrtle. Luckily for Boots, two institutions have provided grants to research how to cultivate the plant on a commercial basis. The companies, the Agronomy Institute on Orkney, part of the University of the Highlands, and Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) grants will be to the tune of £94,000 and £201,000 respectively.


The trial products made by Boots were said to have been a success with consumers. Boots new line of products will refer to bog myrtle as Sweet Gale which is expected to better appeal to consumers.

Best Building in Scotland

In the first 7 weeks since re-opening to the public in July of this year 16,500 people visited the Pier Arts Centre. Considering the population of Stromness is just over 2,000 this goes some way to quantify the worth and value of this restoration, refurbishment and new-build of the internationally acclaimed arts venue. Now, winning the biggest prize in British Architecture, the Pier Arts Centre is marked as a virtuous winner of the RIAS Andrew Doolan Award for Architecture 2007.

Uppies Triumph Again

The New Year's Day Men's Ba' proved something of a marathon for the Uppies... It was not so much a case of if they would defeat the Doonies - which they did in just over four hours - but who should win the coveted ba'.

Although Stephen Kemp touched the Uppie goal - Mackinson's Corner - at 5.20pm, it took a further 50 minutes to decide which player should be awarded the trophy.

Among the names who were contenders for the Uppie Men's Ba' were Sigurd Gibson and Neil Stevenson. But it was 37-year-old Neil Stockan of Kirkwall (who was eventually given the honour.

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Merry Dancers

The Aurora Borealis gave us an unexpected and bonnie show on the night of Dec 11th.




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